Goal is To Reduce Consumption and Cost MEDINA, MINN. (April 3, 2017) - Macalester College of St. Paul, Minn., has implemented software from kWh360 to help reduce costs, cut consumption and improve environmental sustainability. The college serves about 2,100 students on its 53-acre urban campus. It operates about 57 buildings on site and in the surrounding neighborhood, says Mike Pumroy, energy manager. “We have about 120 different electricity, gas, and water meters,” Pumroy

Strack & Van Til remodels a store, slashes energy bill 35% two months later MEDINA, Minn. (September 12, 2016) – Even for engineers with long experience in remodeling supermarkets, the size and speed of the energy savings came as a surprise. Just two months after they finished a big project, energy use in one store dropped by 35%. No less surprised was the supermarket’s electric utility provider. An account executive there wrote the retailer’s energy manager to suggest that

SINGH360 Founder to Share Efficient Methods For Controlling Excessive Humidity in Stores Tuesday, September 13, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. and 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm MEDINA, Minn. (September 7, 2016) – Supermarkets often struggle to control excess humidity during summer and fall. These are the seasons when doors are most likely to fog up on refrigerated cases. High humidity is a headache for grocery retailers for several reasons, according to Abtar Singh, founder and chief executive officer of

Singh360 Partners with Brazilian Energy Engineering Firm, Evolutiva Companies to Offer Energy-Saving Services and Knowhow to South American Markets MEDINA, MN - August 15, 2016 -- Singh360, a Minnesota-based provider of technologies and services to reduce energy consumption, has announced a commercial partnership with Evolutiva Engenharia e Consultoria, an engineering firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The purpose of the partnership is to bring Singh360’s energy-conservation

Retro-commissioning Service Cuts Energy Use and Cost for Two Grocery Chains SINGH360 helps Strack & Van Til and Coborn’s trim energy consumption Medina, MN (Mar 28, 2016) -- Two prominent grocery chains in the Upper Midwest are reducing their energy use and cutting energy cost by retro-commissioning their stores. The chains have done so with the help of SINGH360, a service provider that specializes in working with grocery chains. The retro-commissioning process identifies

Upper Midwest Grocery Chain Strack & Van Til Cuts Store Electricity Use by more than 25% in less than a year Company cites key help from SINGH360 and Energy Advantage, Inc., MINNEAPOLIS -- September 26, 2015 – The 38-store grocery chain Strack & Van Til (SVT) has reduced its use of electricity by 26.6% in a two-store pilot program begun in 2014. Overall, the chain cut electricity use by 11.5% in stores open more than a year. “It was critical for us to reduce one of our

Minneapolis, April 5, 2015.  Minnesota based grocery chain Lund Food Holdings, Inc. (LFHI) has seen an incredible reduction in energy usage through its partnership with Singh360 and Resource Data Management. Various energy saving technologies are being used (RDM floating suction and head pressure control, door heater control, night set-point set-backs, LEDs, condenser and HVAC Blower Fan VFDs, hybrid condensers, door retrofits, retro-commissioning, etc.) and, in most cases, are knitted together

Abtar Singh, President,  Singh360 Inc. If you’re retro-commissioning a supermarket store, you’ll save money by having a licensed refrigeration technician on your team. This post explains why. Retro-commissioning usually has three goals: Save energy Identify maintenance problems Identify candidates for future energy-conservation projects. Because refrigeration equipment consumes more energy and requires more maintenance than any other component in a supermarket, it pays to

By Abtar Singh, President, Singh360 Inc. In this post you’ll see how variable-frequency drives (or VFDs) can generate a payback of 1.5 to 5 years in supermarkets. You’ll also see which uses of VFDs offer the fastest payback and highest return on investment (or ROI). How VFDs work VFDs reduce electricity use by adjusting the speed of a fan motor to match its load. When HVAC or refrigeration equipment needs less airflow, VFDs reduces motor speed. They also increase motor speed when a

Maple Grove, MN, August 11, 2014 – Supermarkets in the United States can now get expert help to secure energy-efficiency rebates from utilities. The service is for supermarkets that invest in initiatives to improve energy efficiency but may not collect all the utility rebates for which they qualify, said Abtar Singh, chief executive of Singh360. “Some supermarkets want help because the application process can take a lot of time and effort,” Singh said. “Supermarkets may be leaving a