Retro-Commissioning of Existing Buildings

Low-and no-cost energy-savings solutions

Each building or grocery store you manage has the potential to operate more efficiently. Over time, changes in building equipment, servicing and occupancy can significantly make an impact on energy costs, shrinkage and employee and/or customer comfort. What you designed into your system at the onset, may not be happening today.

In a grocery store, the equipment that creates the environmental conditions in the store and in the refrigerated cabinets need to run well to be efficient. When out of sync, systems can fight one another, creating an unnecessary expense.

Most of the time these conditions aren’t even noticeable as they are counteracting themselves to maintain certain conditions.  Systems can create as much as 20-30% more energy use if left to run in these non-ideal conditions. The biggest tell-tale sign that you need these services, are your utility bills.

The stores that cost more to operate are perfect candidates for Re-Commissioning Services.

Singh360 Recommissioning Services are tested, tried and true. Today, many of the leading grocers are using Singh360 to run a better store and keep more of their hard earned money in their pockets. On average savings results have been 10-15% reduction with a payback of less than a year. That’s an ROI of 100% !

Strack and Van Til, a 37-store chain in Indiana and Illinois recently hired Singh360 to retro-commission 16 locations.

“In the last four months we’ve seen savings of 8% to 12% on average,” says Don Erminger, director of energy and maintenance. “Before the project, we expected a payback of two years. But after our first four months, we now think we’ll achieve full payback in 12 to 14 months. That’s twice as fast as we first projected, thanks to opportunities SINGH360 identified.”

Lund Food Holdings, with 27 stores in the Minnesota area have all had retro-commissioning services by Singh360. Some that have had a retro-commissioning service done on them six years ago are being scheduled again.

“We find great value in the services we get from Singh360. Overall we’ve reduced our energy usage by more than $1/sq.ft of selling space, while improving the environment for our customers. By using the Singh360 tools we can see immediately the results of our projects, which is especially important for our management team.”

Below is the proven results of one recommissioning project at a Lunds & Byerly’s store.

Other companies that have used Singh360 Retro-Commissioning Services include:

Things to consider:

  • Are you using the same vendor to retro-commission your site that installed or is currently servicing you store?
  • Do you know if your control system is set to optimum, energy efficient parameters?
  • Do the current settings meet your company’s criteria today?
  • Is your building and mechanical systems installed according to the design specifications?
  • Have the alarms been turned down so they ‘don’t cause problems’ for the servicing company?
  • How many controls in your store have been disconnected, bypassed or jumpered?

Singh360 developed tools help facilitate the survey.


Check out what the below Utilities offer you, if you have them as utility providers.


For customers of ComEd in the Chicagoland and Northern Illinois area, Singh360 is an authorized participant of The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program. This means you can utilize program dollars from ComEd to fund your retro-commissioning project.

ComEd supports recommissioning and sees this as a way for grocers to reduce their energy spend. They will pay for the energy audit and then contribute to measures taken action on. This win-win-win situation serves everyone and is something to take advantage of.

For Xcel Energy Customers Singh360 is an authorized participant of Xcel Energy Recommissioning program. Xcel Energy provides study funding of up to 75 percent of the cost of your Recommissioning study, up to $25,000. Contact Singh360 to learn how you can benefit from these programs. 

For customers in the SE portion of the Minneapolis / St.Paul area being served by Dakota Electric, Singh360 is an authorized participant of their recommissioning program.

Singh360 can assist you in applying for their Energy Wise Rebates. They provide cost-share audits that we can perform for you.