Renewable Energy Technologies

Many organizations are moving to alternate, renewable energy sources. Many facilities managers are being challenged on its feasibility and if their organization should move in this direction.

It generally comes from the executive management team, but the execution and feasibility lie with the facilities group.  If you’re challenged with this, Singh360 can help you.

Sources of alternate energy include wind,sun, water, geothermal power and waste in contrast to fuel sources that are derived from fossil fuels and are finite in nature. Technologies such as solar cells, geothermal wells, hydroelectricity and biomass fuel utilize those renewable, alternative sources.

But, are they right for you?

Things to consider:

  • What’s the payback? Will your organization accept longer payback periods?
  • Will your utility company contribute to your investment? (i.e. rebates)
  • How available is the technology? If something goes wrong are replacement parts readily available?
  • How serviceable is the new technology? Will you be paying a 25% premium for service because you need ‘specialists’?
  • Do you have a capable maintenance team that will embrace the new technology?
  • What type of permits will you need to utilize these alternative energy technologies?

Singh360 can help you with system re-engineering to optimally integrate your choice of renewable energy. Together with computerized models we are able to run different analysis for you to take to your management team for approvals.