Utility Rebates & Incentives

Power generators generate a certain maximum amount of energy, usually measured in MegaWatt (MW). Once customer demand exceeds that amount, black-outs begin to occur and they fail to deliver the power they promised their customers.

Building a new power plant isn’t so simple. Outside of a $2 billion and up investment, it could take 4-5 years, if you have the land and can satisfy all the environmental impacts. This is no simple task.

It’s far easier and more cost effective to get the consumers to utilize their power more efficiently than to build a new power plant.  Incentives, in the form of Utility Rebate Services, are used to entice them to run more efficient.

The Utility companies will pay you to use less energy, which sound ironic, but the alternative is to build a new plant, which as discussed earlier may not be feasible. Every Utility company wants proof that the efforts you put forth are actually reducing demand.  Once proven, the rebate will be paid out.

We see generally two forms of rebates; the prescriptive and custom rebates.

Prescriptive rebates are usually on Lighting retrofits, VFD or efficient EC Motors applications.  These rebates are typically based on horse power or wattage.

In contrast, utilities award custom rebates for initiatives that save energy in ways that don’t fit in such a neat box.  Most of the refrigeration related projects are more likely to be eligible for custom rebates.

Singh360 offers several services around these Utility Rebates & Incentives:

  1. We can help identify applicable rebates to ascertain whether its feasible to try to retain them.
  2. We can provide a survey of you facility, to identify opportunities for increased efficiencies with these rebates in mind. Some utility companies even pay towards or completely cover the cost of these surveys.
  3. We can develop a project or multiple projects to maximize the contribution from the power company, showing ROI and payback periods.
  4. We work together with your service providers to execute the selected projects and work with them to harness the highest efficiencies.
  5. Finally, for the power companies to award custom rebates, they require either measurement and verification (M&V) or estimated saving calculations using computer models.  Sngh360 makes the process hassle free for clients by taking care of all this work.

Things to consider:

  • Are you taking full advantage of the rebates your power company is offering?
  • Are you at the point where it takes too much of your time to retrieve the rebates?

At Singh360, we’re ready to help.