Energy Data Analytics

You can’t control what you don’t measure. We’ve all heard it before…

With an automated system controlling your refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, etc. comes a lot of logged data.  Are you utilizing any of it to run your building(s) better? Many people have lots of data, but no time to make it informative.

At Singh360, we have the tools to automatically turn your data into information. One example of using information would be to use it for the funding of your future projects.  If you could easily show the good results of what you’ve done, wouldn’t it make it easier to ask for more funding?

How nice would it be to have a dashboard like this, showing you the current results of the last four (4) EMS retrofit projects?

With information like this you could go to your management team and show them you’ve been able to achieve savings of $3,100/month. So, if past history is like the future you could expect the next project costing $60,000 to have a payback of 1 year and 7 months.

Your management team doesn’t have to put their trust in anyone making projections, just look at what you’ve done already.

Or if you’re trying to justify the upgrade of systems at one location, that is similar in size to another, would information like this be helpful in selling your project?

Its pretty self-apparent what is missing and what it will take to bring under control. Even if you would break it down into a square foot unit, its simple to see what should be done.

Having these analytic results at your fingertips is just a quick glimpse into what’s available to you with the tools brought to you by Singh360.

Are you working off of spreadsheets and having someone enter data for you?  It can be quite time  consuming If you’re looking at analytics from an enterprise perspective. With the tools from Singh360 you can see the results of your achievements over time, based on any baseline you’d like.

To view your enterprise achievements could mean opening up a lot of spreadsheets and combining a lot of data to get at the information you need.  The users of the Singh360 tools need only tap a few keys.  In looking at the results of one of our customers, one has to ask if he ever gets push back for an energy savings project?  Their track record is quite impressive.

Things to consider:

  • Are you using computer modeling tools for sizing and designing HVAC & refrigeration systems?
  • Are you comparing various options before finalizing your design prototypes?
  • Do you understand the life cycle cost of a design that is base on local weather conditions?
  • Thinking past the design, do you have a way to show the work you’ve done in a way that fosters more projects?

At Singh360, we believe in turning data into information and putting this at your fingertips.