July 30, 2022 BY Singh360

Singh360 Supports Crop One Holdings in Commissioning the World’s Largest Vertical Farm

The commissioning of the farm utilized Singh360’s unique cloud-based collaborative app.

Medina, MN (July 30th, 2022). Today, Singh360, a Minnesota-based provider of technologies and services to reduce energy consumption, announced that they partnered with Crop One Holdings, an industry leader in technology-driven indoor vertical farming, in the opening of the world’s largest vertical farm, Emirates Crop One (ECO 1).

The Dubai-based facility is a joint venture between Crop One and Emirates Flight Catering and is equipped with thousands of sophisticated pieces of equipment such as pumps, valves, sensors, and variable frequency drives. This high-tech equipment helps to control and monitor the production of over two million pounds of high-quality leafy green vegetables projected to be produced by the facility annually.

The ECO 1 vertical farm is a marvel of technology and collaboration, with engineers from Boston, construction crews from the United Arab Emirates, and subcontractors from around the world.

“Singh360’s Cloud-Based Commissioning App played a crucial role in fostering collaboration by providing real-time access to various activities,” said Steve Hebda, Vice President at Crop One . “The company’s knowledge of mechanical systems, building management, and software was critical in the start up and commissioning of ECO 1”.

“It was an honor to work with Crop One on such an impactful project,” said Singh360 President Abtar Singh. “Seeing fresh vegetables grown in the middle of a hot desert speaks to the innovativeness of Crop One’s planning and technology. It’s exciting to think about the applications of ECO 1 and their positive impact on sustainable agriculture”.

The Singh360 team found it easy to learn their role in commissioning for vertical farming due to their vast experience in functional testing and commissioning on mechanical systems.

You can read more details on ECO 1 here.

About Singh360 Inc

Singh360 is a software & services company focused on driving energy savings for multi-site building owners. We specialize in building management systems (BMS), energy efficiency, utility data analytics, and system optimization for buildings. Our solutions reflect the latest innovative technologies. From building envelope assessments to a complete mechanical and electrical design, and renewable energy evaluations for both new and existing buildings. Our range of new and existing building commissioning experience allows us to engineer solutions in a cost effective and efficient manner tailored to the needs of Facility Managers.

About Crop One

Headquartered outside of Boston, Mass., Crop One is a technology-driven indoor vertical farming company on a mission to cultivate a sustainable future to meet a global demand for fresh, local, and safe food. Through its Plants-First™ approach and industry-leading technology platform, Crop One grows fresh, delicious leafy greens using 95% less water than field-grown produce. Because growth of crops takes place in entirely sealed and controlled environments, growing and harvesting can happen 365 days a year, regardless of season. Crop One sells its fresh, local produce under the FreshBox Farms label, available at a variety of retailers across southern New England.