Energy Efficiency Audits

A proper energy survey is the first step in the process of understanding what you can do to become more efficient.

Prior to visiting any site, we study all available information to get a good feel for your building.  This includes collecting utility bills, reviewing electrical and mechanical drawings and interrogating any existing EMS platform for real time data.  This helps our team focus on sites, areas and systems that need additional attention once we get on site.

During the site visit our survey team thoroughly investigates the energy consuming assets such as refrigeration racks, HVAC, boilers, chillers, refrigeration systems, lighting and control systems. The net outcome is a recommendation on upgrades of processes,equipment and people.  Our goal is not just to reduce energy today but sustain the savings year-over-year.

Singh360 has developed specific tools to be more efficient on site.  These tools include Singh360’s cloud-based software and mobile applications. By comparing the energy usage of all locations, the highest ones can be determined and inspected.

In a weather-normalized state, compare one’s use to another to see visibly what your progress is.

Show accumulated savings starting with your baseline and all weather normalized.

Graphically display the savings to date:

This a free App, available through Apple’s App Store or Android’s Play Store.
After capturing a situation through your camera, 360-WorkList will automatically time and date stamp it, show the location of the image and allow you to add comments to it. Lastly you can annotate the image with your finger to highlight things you want to jump out for you.
You can even capture satellite images to show system locations or environmental conditions.
A couple of days later, when you use those photos for your report, you won’t have to remember why you took it.


Rather than getting your booklets out to figure out how temperatures and pressure correlate to the different refrigerants in the marketplace, use 360-Tools to verify what you should be seeing, all from the power of your smartphone or tablet.

Singh360, unlike all other surveyors, visit each site at night, when supposedly everything is off.  It is during these visits that many wasteful processes are uncovered and reported on.

Surveys are generally very customized. At Singh360 we focus on the customer need and deliver a laser focused report.  Where applicable we work the local utility companies to capture rebate money. Today Singh360 is an approved vendor with ComEd in the ChicagoLand area and with XCEL Energy and Dakota Electric in the Minnesota realm.

Singh360 is also a certified Energy Star Partner and capable of providing Benchmarking services for reporting into their ENERGY STAR portfolio manager.