October 26, 2020 BY Singh360

Mr. Singh joins John Stuit, Chief, Design Construction of the Defense Commissary Agency to discuss their experience between CO2 and HFC Refrigeration racks.

Medina, MN (October 26, 2020): Grocery retailers can reduce energy costs and help
protect the global environment by operating refrigeration systems that use carbon dioxide
(CO2 ) rather than more commonly used refrigerants. The topic of this GreenChill webinar
presentation will center around the comparison of the CO2 systems to their HFC
counterparts in two distinct regions of the US.

In contrast to CO2 systems, most other refrigeration systems appear much more likely to
increase the risk of global climate change by releasing chemicals that tend to trap heat
within the earth’s atmosphere. Traditional HFC systems have an extremely high global-
warming potential (or GWP), which the CO2 systems don’t have, making them much more
environmentally safe.

When: on October 27th , 2020
Time: 2 PM EST
For webinar detail : https://www.epa.gov/greenchill/events-and-webinars

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