Energy Management System (EMS) Selection

Looking for a control system for your next store project? If you’reworking with a manufacturer’s representative it’s no guess as to what they’ll advise you to use, but is it in your best interest?

As an independent, Singh360 can help show you what’s most applicable to your situation.  Just because you’ve always used one brand, doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for your next project.

Things to consider:

  • Have you always let a controls vendor make a selection for you when managing mechanical systems (HVAC, Refrigeration & Lighting)on a project by project basis?
    • If yes, then it is time for you to think across your enterprise,to get more value out of your controls information. Viewing them from a central site can open new opportunities for you to reduce expenses.
  • Still have dial up capabilities? Just think of the data you could be getting if you were utilizing web-technologies.  The bandwidth of an internet connection is so much faster than a phone based modem. This means a graph that would take an internet connected control system seconds to transfer, might not even generate if on a dial up connection.
  • Understanding the differences between a proprietary system versus an openinter-operable system could make all the difference when deciding which is best suited for your enterprise.
  • Is your network of controls allowing you set up alarms effectively? Can you view, compare and contrast your systems side by side?  If not, give us a call today!

Let Singh360 help you make a sound decision on your controls selection. We provide unbiased recommendations and are not tied to any one manufacturer.