February 13, 2019 BY Singh360

Tracking Energy Project Results with Utility Bill Data

How many times are you asked to produce results for the projects you invest in and spend countless hours trying to prove you were justified in your recommendation?

With new enhancements to the “kWh360” Energy Efficiency Management Suite, this is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

We provide 3 different ways to track your results, through simple graphs and charts.

  • The simple method compares before and after, weather-normalized, utility data.
  • The enhanced method accounts for multiple projects, so you don’t double count the savings.
  • The overall method looks at all site projects over many years, for total site savings.

About Singh360

Singh360 Energy software and services range from building-envelope assessments to complete design of mechanical and electrical systems (including HVAC, lighting and refrigeration systems) for new and existing buildings using mobile and cloud app from kWh360 Inc.

These innovations help organizations set priorities for efficiency projects based on sustainability goals, speed of payback, and the measured return on investment. Contact Singh360 to see if these innovations fit with your facility and energy management strategy going forward.