RDM & Singh360 Bring Massive Energy Savings to Grocery Store Chain Lunds & Byerly’s

Minneapolis, MN (April 5, 2015): Minnesota based grocery chain Lund Food Holdings, Inc. (LFHI) has seen an incredible reduction in energy usage through its partnership with Singh360 and Resource Data Management.

Various energy saving technologies are being used (RDM floating suction and head pressure control, door heater control, night set-point set-backs, LEDs, condenser and HVAC Blower Fan VFDs, hybrid condensers, door retrofits, retro-commissioning, etc.) and, in most cases, are knitted together using RDM’s advanced control capabilities, resulting in millions of dollars in electricity savings.

Singh360 are continually finding new ways to reduce energy spend, such as automating the kitchen hood exhaust fans based on usage. By consistently providing cutting edge technology and top notch customer service, RDM and Singh360 are forging a new standard in the facilities management marketplace.

Building Management System (BMS) Protocols Explained

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PROTOCOLS WHILE SELECTING A BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS)?   Protocols are languages by which two devices communicate and exchange data.  These devices are microprocessor-based products, such as an input/output board, roof top unit controller (RTU), Chiller controller, user’s laptop/desktop computer or even central enterprise servers.  The picture below shows that