April 5, 2015 BY Singh360

RDM & Singh360 Bring Massive Energy Savings to Grocery Store Chain Lunds & Byerly’s

From 2007 to 2013, the grocer has saved over $6.5 million in energy spend and an additional $1.5 million in gas spend. That’s over $8 million in utilities over 6 years, or about $1.35 million/year.

Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota based grocery chain Lund Food Holdings, Inc. (LFHI) has seen an incredible reduction in energy usage through its partnership with Singh360 and Resource Data Management.

Various energy saving technologies are being used (RDM floating suction and head pressure control, door heater control, night set-point set-backs, LEDs, condenser and HVAC Blower Fan VFDs, hybrid condensers, door retrofits, retro-commissioning, etc.) and, in most cases, are knitted together using RDM’s advanced control capabilities, resulting in millions of dollars in electricity savings.

The Solution

In 2007 LFHI identified the need to reduce energy and took action. Abtar Singh, principal at Singh360 met with Wally Lindeman and introduced Resource Data Management (RDM) as a cost effective, feature rich energy and building management system.

“Wally has never been one to shy away from new things,” says Abtar Singh. “He’s seen that the benefits far outweigh the risks.”

Singh360 discovered great advantage in utilizing RDM’s solution due to the absence of any monitoring software, the open protocol nature of the controls and the IP-based communication stream. By using the RDM system to integrate VFD control, LED lighting, EC motors and other specialized equipment, Abtar was able to continually monitor the stores and commission the sites remotely.

After installation, Singh360 would visit the sites to perform ‘retro-commissioning,’ ensuring that the RDM system was being maximized for optimal energy savings. The project has led to incredible results for Lunds & Byerly’s. “It’s the visibility of the data that is important. Converting data into information and getting to it quickly that helps us make an impact on operations.

The RDM system is straightforward and gives us this information in a very logical format,” said Mr. Lindeman. Service companies that use this information as they service their stores are one step of the others. “Service contractors shouldn’t shy from getting access and using the information to help their customers.”

The Results

From 2007 to 2013, the grocer has saved over $6.5 million in energy spend and an additional $1.5 million in gas spend. That’s over $8 million in utilities over 6 years, or about $1.35 million/year.

Since the transition in 18 stores (up to 2013) has been progressive, it’s further averaged to about $75,000 in savings per store, per year.

Considering the average size of their stores, this further boils down to about $1/sq.ft. in savings per year. The kWh per square foot has dropped over 30%, from 65kwh to 46kwh. Results like these gave LFHI all the confidence they needed to give RDM and Singh360 continued business.

The grocer now utilizes the full range of RDM hardware, from case controlled refrigeration to complex HVAC control.

Singh360 are continually finding new ways to reduce energy spend, such as automating the kitchen hood exhaust fans based on usage. By consistently providing cutting edge technology and top notch customer service, RDM and Singh360 are forging a new standard in the facilities management marketplace.


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