No-Sweat Humidity Management for Supermarkets – FMI Energy Conference, New Orleans

Singh360 Founder to Share Efficient Methods For Controlling Excessive Humidity in Stores. Supermarkets often struggle to control excess humidity during summer and fall. These are the seasons when doors are most likely to fog up on refrigerated cases.

High humidity is a headache for grocery retailers for several reasons, according to Abtar Singh, founder and chief executive officer of SINGH360.

That’s why he will present effective ways to control excess store humidity at the FMI Energy and Store Development Conference in New Orleans on September 13.

“Condensed moisture can make it hard for customers to see the contents inside a refrigerated case,” Singh said. “The fogged glass compromises the customer’s shopping experience. It may also reduce the retailer’s sales.”

Variable Frequency Drives in Refrigeration Equipment Deliver 1.5 to 5 Year Payback for Supermarkets

In this post you’ll see how variable-frequency drives (or VFDs) can generate a payback of 1.5 to 5 years in supermarkets. You’ll also see which uses of VFDs offer the fastest payback and highest return on investment (or ROI).

At Singh360, we’ve found that HVAC blower fans of more than 7.5 horsepower typically provide the best ROI. The next-highest return comes from using VFDs in refrigeration condenser fans with motors totaling more than 7.5 horsepower.

Use of VFDs in refrigeration compressors delivers the smallest reduction of energy consumption. But such applications can reduce compressor cycling and extend the life of compressors. And that’s worth real money too.