By Abtar Singh, President Singh360 Inc.   By applying seven easy rules of thumb, you can quickly estimate potential energy savings for refrigeration systems in a supermarket—even if you’re not an engineer. With these rules you can make quick estimates in your head or on the back of an envelope. Your estimates are likely to be pretty accurate, even without a detailed audit. This information can help you spot big opportunities for potential savings. You’ll feel smart, and you

Use of Variable Frequency Drives Cuts Energy Use by 45% For HVAC Blower Fans at Minnesota Grocery Stores Singh360 leads project that helps Byerly’s stores achieve payback estimated at 1.5 years. Maple Grove, MN, June 4, 2013 – Use of variable-frequency drives (or VFDs) enabled Byerly’s grocery stores to cut energy use by almost half in blower-fan motors at five locations. This is according to Abtar Singh, chief executive officer of Singh360, a firm that provides energy-management

Benefits of Asset Management System to Be Discussed in the 49th Store Planning, Equipment, Construction and Facilities Services Seminars (SPECS) 2013 Mr. Singh joins executives from H-E-B in the discussion on “How to Implement and Manage an Asset Management  System”. Maple Grove, MN, March 16, 2013 -  Store Planning, Equipment, Construction and Facilities Services Seminars (SPECS) will be holding its 49th Annual Show from March 17-20, 2013 at Hilton Anatole, Dallas. Mr. Singh will

Hybrid Condensers Enable 25% Gain in Energy Efficiency for Supermarket Refrigeration Systems Singh360 Announces Deal to Sell Baltimore Air Coil Trillium Series of Hybrid Condensers to Midwestern Grocers Maple Grove, MN, March 4, 2013 – Supermarket operators can achieve 25% gains in energy efficiency by using hybrid condensers for their in-store refrigeration systems. The relatively new hybrid systems present a cost-effective alternative to older air-cooled or water-cooled technologies,

Xcel Energy Increases Minnesota Electricity Rates by 9% in January 2013, Giving Supermarkets More Reason to Conserve Energy Five Additional States May Approve Similar Rate Increases in 2013 Maple Grove, MN, January 14, 2013 -- Supermarket operators in Minnesota will have even more incentive to improve their energy efficiency after January 2013, when utility Xcel Energy increases its rates for retail electricity by an average of about 9%. Xcel Energy has also requested rate increases

By Abtar Singh, President - Singh360  Inc. When it comes to reducing energy in supermarkets, we either focus on refrigeration (because it consumes 40-50% of the total energy) or lighting (which is pretty easy to understand).  However, HVAC equipments (almost 20% of the store power) are often overlooked though they can significantly impact energy consumption, provide customer comfort for better shopping experience and reduce food product quality and shrinkage. So what are the ways HVAC

Environmentally Friendly CO2 Refrigeration Systems  to be Presented at FMI Energy & Store Development Conference Mr. Singh joins executives from Target, Sobeys and Fresh & Easy to discuss end user experience with CO2 based refrigeration system. Maple Grove, MN, September 5, 2012 – Grocery retailers can reduce energy cost and help protect the global environment by operating refrigeration systems that use carbon dioxide (CO2) rather than more commonly used refrigerants. This will

Singh360 Offers “LEED Modeling” Services to Supermarket Retailers Help retailers optimize design and maximize LEED credits Maple Grove, MN, February 20, 2012 – Singh360, a full service facility management consulting firm, provides cost effective “LEED Modeling” services to supermarket and grocery retailers.  A typical commercial building consumes most of the energy in air-conditioning (HVAC) and lighting.  However, supermarkets spend 40-50% of energy on refrigeration in

Singh360 Offers “Free Apps” for HVAC and Refrigeration Engineers. iApp Version for iPhone and iPad also available via Apple iTunes. Maple Grove, MN, September 10, 2011 – Singh360, a full service facility management consulting firm, offers “free” Windows and iPhone applications for refrigeration and HVAC engineers. These applications are handy tools for calculating “Pressure-Temperature” for various refrigerants (such as R404A, R22, Propane, Ammonia, Carbon-di-oxide etc.) used

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PROTOCOLS WHILE SELECTING A BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS)?   Protocols are languages by which two devices communicate and exchange data.  These devices are microprocessor-based products, such as an input/output board, roof top unit controller (RTU), Chiller controller, user’s laptop/desktop computer or even central enterprise servers.  The picture below shows that the master building management system (device) communicates with devices, such as RTU,