Energy Survey:

    We perform an energy audit and survey by first looking at available data for each sites prior to making a visit.   This includes past few years of utility bills, architectural, mechanical and electrical drawings and real time data from BMS system. This helps our team focus on sites, areas and systems that needs additional attention before even visiting the sites. During the site visit our survey team thoroughly investigates the energy consuming assets such as HVAC, boilers, chillers, refrigeration systems, lighting and control systems. The net outcome is a recommendation on people, process and equipment upgrades with the goal of not only reducing energy but sustaining the savings year-over-year.

Utility Rebate Services:

    We provide expert help to secure energy-efficiency rebates from utilities.  Utilities generally offer two categories of rebates – prescriptive and custom.  Prescriptive rebates are usually on Lighting, VFD or efficient EC Motors.  These rebates are typically based on horse power or wattage.  In contrast, utilities award custom rebates for initiatives that save energy in ways that don’t fit in such a neat box.  Most of the refrigeration related projects are more likely to be eligible for custom rebates.  To award custom rebates utilities require either measurement and verification (M&V) or estimated saving calculations using computer models.  We make it hassle free for clients by taking care of all these work.

Strategic Planning:

  • Are you setting goals to reduce energy and maintenance expense without knowing how to achieve it?
  • Do you need a three to five year strategic road map based on ROI and sustainability goals?
  • Do you want to do capital planning based on your energy reduction and sustainability goals?
  • Singh360 will lay out a clear plan and road-map that will help you secure budgets and get management buyout.

Demand Management:

  • Do you know that your local utility provider may provide discounted rates when you sign up for demand curtailment program?
  • Are you the one who signed up for such program but never put a well tested people, process and tool to ensure you act when such events are called for?
  • Is demand limiting a better program for you?
  • Irrespective, you are leaving $20,000 to $25,000 per Mega Watt on the table if you are doing nothing. Singh360 will help by educating you about the available programs, identify the right program for you based on operations and finally put a well documented process to execute the program.

Design and Engineering.

  • Are you designing the building for maximum operating conditions but yet your system runs seventy percent of time under other conditions?
  • Do you know HVAC, Lighting and Refrigeration in a building are inter-dependent system, hence, each component should be designed with the other systems in mind?
  • Do you think designing green building costs more?
  • Are you selecting the best available option for air-conditioning and refrigeration?
  • Are you designing the building based on the total cost of ownership or just on initial cost?
  • The cost of electricity, gas and water can be 3-4 times higher than initial cost in over 5-10 years of operation.  At Singh360, we believe in designing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and refrigeration based on science. We evaluate many design options before finalizing and recommending one system.

Control System Selection:

  • Have you always picked controls vendor thinking how to manage mechanical systems (HVAC, Refrigeration & Lighting) in that building alone?
  • If yes, then it is time for you to think across enterprise and get value out of controls data when accessed centrally over the internet.
  • Don’t you think that at this day and age, your control system should be utilizing web-technologies?
  • Do you understand what proprietary system versus open and inter-operable system is?
  • Are you stuck with controls vendor that has to provide all enterprise applications such as alarm and energy monitoring?
  • Let Singh360 help you make a sound decision on controls selection.   Simply because, we do not sell products, we will always give you unbiased recommendations.

Computer analytics for HVAC, refrigeration & renewable energy

  • Are you using computer modeling tools for sizing and designing HVAC & refrigeration systems?
  • Are you comparing various options before finalizing your design prototypes?
  • Do you understand life cycle cost of a design based on local weather conditions?
  • At Singh360, we believe in making design decisions based on science and models.  We use custom eQUEST and refrigeration models to make design decisions.  The net result is optimum design with  lowest running cost.

Commissioning Services

  • Is your control system set to optimum parameters and does it meet your specification?
  • Is your building and mechanical systems installed according to specifications?
  • Are you using the same vendor to find problems with their installations?
  • Commissioning is a step by step process performed by a qualified third party engineer to ensure that the system is installed and operated at optimum conditions.  The services are typically performed for new construction or existing construction or retrofit projects.  Singh360, has qualified technician who can give you independent view of installation and can fine-tune the system to operate at most efficient conditions.

Alternate Energy Technologies

    Integration of alternate energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal and fuel cells in existing or new building energy systems: 

  • System re-engineering for optimal integration of renewable energy.
  • ROI analysis using computerized models.
  • Federal and state tax credits analysis.