September 12, 2011 BY Singh360

Singh360 Offers “Free Apps” for HVAC and Refrigeration Engineers

iApp Version for iPhone and iPad also available via Apple iTunes.

Maple Grove, MN: Singh360, a full service facility management consulting firm, offers “free” Windows and iPhone applications for refrigeration and HVAC engineers. These applications are handy tools for calculating “Pressure-Temperature” for various refrigerants (such as R404A, R22, Propane, Ammonia, Carbon-di-oxide etc.) used in commercial, industrial and supermarket facilities. The iApp supports both English and SI units.

The Windows application can be downloaded from Singh360’s website: The iPhone application is available at Apple’s iApp Store.

“The HVAC and refrigeration systems are getting sophisticated and engineers now carry Windows laptop and Smartphones while servicing such systems. These are the first set of tools offered by our company and such initiatives are among those lined up to demonstrate our strong commitments to the industry”, said Abtar Singh, Chief Executive Officer for Singh360.

Singh360 plans to continuously enhance and add more features in the coming months. You may visit the company’s website ( for the latest updates and features.


About Singh360

Singh360 Energy software and services range from building-envelope assessments to complete design of mechanical and electrical systems (including HVAC, lighting and refrigeration systems) for new and existing buildings using mobile and cloud app from kWh360 Inc.

These innovations help organizations set priorities for efficiency projects based on sustainability goals, speed of payback, and the measured return on investment. Contact Singh360 to see if these innovations fit with your facility and energy management strategy going forward.

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