Abtar Singh, President,  Singh360 Inc.

If you’re retro-commissioning a supermarket store, you’ll save money by having a licensed refrigeration technician on your team. This post explains why.

Retro-commissioning usually has three goals:

  • Save energy
  • Identify maintenance problems
  • Identify candidates for future energy-conservation projects.

Because refrigeration equipment consumes more energy and requires more maintenance than any other component in a supermarket, it pays to evaluate it carefully during your retro-commissioning process.

In the hundreds of supermarkets I’ve helped retro-commission in more than a decade, every single store has needed repairs or adjustments to its refrigeration equipment to maximize energy savings.

For example, you can’t raise or float suction pressure if thermal expansion values (or TXVs) aren’t set correctly. You may also find high-pressure drops across suction filters.  Similarly, floating condensers often require TXV adjustments. You may also have to adjust holdback valves and add refrigerants in equipment on the rack.

All these actions require a licensed refrigeration technician on the retro-commissioning team.

If you don’t take time during commissioning to fix any refrigeration issues you identify, they never get fixed. You waste money for retro-commissioning.

What are your thoughts and experiences?